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My 4 R’s of 2013

My 4 R’s of 2013 – Too many of us make new Years resolutions and don’t keep them up. We don’t check ourselves along the way and the resolutions turn into good intents.So this go around I’m going to push forward and check myself before I wreck myself and my business. Beginning Feb.1 I will be instituting changes, implementing strategies and kicking behind ! So what’s the 4 R’s ? Well that’s the method behind the madness.

Definition of practice
Morning Motivation : Definition of Practice – Everything is practice.

Definition of Practice – I never thought practicing conjugating verbs would ever benefit me so it was a chore but I find the practice of self-improvement absolutely necessary. As we practice improving ourselves, our community and family those things may never be perfect but will be headed towards perfection. We shouldn’t think of practice as a chore but as choosing a direction. Practicing at our stage can be summarized as actively pursuing a goal. A doctor always has a practice,never does it change. Why when a doctor deals with human live he must continually practice improve but we don’t give the same value to our own human existence?

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Balance and Composure CJ Boston
Morning Motivation : Balance and Composure – Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving

Morning Motivation : Poor people choose now. Rich people choose balance. Doing these Morning motivation posts have taught me a lot and I recommend it to you all. I have found that there are really only a few truths in life. We have hopes/dreams we take action then persevere and finally change.

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