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Can Network Marketing Be done Strictly Online?

Being an Internet Marker at heart I get the question ” Can Network Marketing / MLM Be done Completely Online” asked to me often. I guess many in this business get asked the same thing with the social media ge upon us. We can order pizza, put in a pick up ticket for the cleaners and talk to Grandma face to face without ever leaving home so it seems  in-line to be able to be successful at network marketing only using the Internet.

So keep in-line with the times I must say NO ! Well no with an exception. The exception is if you are willing to learn and implement hundreds of internet marketing lead generation techniques while studying diligently all the copy writing guides and sales materials. All of which you can learn online and you can make your follow up calls via VIOP to boot. Even with the most dedicated and disciplined individuals we are still talking a 9 to 12 month learning curve.

Network Marketing is a relationship business. Its like meeting a girl online you might get her to like you a lot but meeting in person closes the deal. With all this technology we are loosing our personal skills. Network marketing is a business and asking someone to start a business with you via phone or chat just doesn’t cut it. Yes you can play the numbers game where as online you can talk to 10,000 people and come across the 3 or 4 who come aboard. Taking the same effort and doing a home show a week of only 10 to 20 people will net you 1 or 2 team members each time. These team members will feel extra confident in marketing after touching flesh with you.

Think about it which is a more pwerful statement ” My Upline Dara is a great leader I have spoken to her on the phone countless times talking strategy” or ” My upline Dara is a great leader I have spent time with her on many occasions talking strategy” ?

Get My drift? So definitely find an online system to help pull folks into your sales funnel but never forget the follow up personal call is a must always and press flesh as much as possible because thats where your money is.

Thanks for your time and remember you are only as good as your last enrollee !

CJ Boston Online Lead Generation Specialist

In order to be successful in business  you have to have specific tools of the trade. A plumber has his monkey wrench, a golfer has his golf clubs, a baseball player has his bat and ball, an attorney his his law degree, you get the picture…

As a professional On line Network Marketer you as well have to your specific tools of the trade in order to succeed. These tools will help you to advertise your business effectively on the Internet while saving you time and effort and creating the highest possible earning potential.

After all isn’t that why we are in the Network Marketing industry? To have the freedom to do what ever you want when you want? To build wealth for yourself and your family?

So what are the tools of the successful Network Marketer? Lets take a look at basic fundamental 4 step business model that all successful Network Marketers use.